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Mitchell Hutchings was exemplary in the lead role of Sweeney Todd. His range and presence commanded attention anytime he was on stage." - Sylva Herald


"Really gorgeous rendition...a perfect, solid foundation for the [Brahms Liebeslieder] quartet" - Arlene Shrut

"An instrument that can do anything" - Graham Johnson

"How many people would dream of having [his] command of the instrument? Which [he] obviously acquired through a lot of very hard work." - Graham Johnson

"The opera features the best male ensemble this company (Opera Saratoga) has had in a while. They’re all confident and mature adult singers, including Mitchell Hutchings." - Albany Times Union

"Mr. Hutchings has a very expressive, solid baritone voice...he sings with a real flair for the dramatic" - The American Prize

"Mr. Hutchings is very musical and sings with knowledgeable artistry." - The American Prize

"A noble, American baritone, sound" - Robert Swensen

"The comic timing of Hutchings is especially fine." - Albany Times Union

"A great (Opera) Saratoga debut." - The Saratogian

"baritone Mitchell Hutchings, crisply world-weary as painter Marcello, joined for a compelling quartet (from act III of LA BOHÈME)." - Worcester Telegram

"Most promising...baritone in quite some time" - Lincoln Times-News

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