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Unlock Your Vocal Potential with Mitchell Hutchings: Your Guide to Singing

Hey there! Welcome to the world of MH Voice Studio®! I’m Mitchell Hutchings, an American voice teacher, and singer, and I am so excited to have you here. This is where we can embark on a transformative journey together and take your singing skills to incredible new heights.

I’ve spent a lifetime honing my understanding of vocal technique, interpretation, production, and performance. My passion is helping aspiring singers like you unlock your true vocal potential. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse students and clients who have achieved some pretty amazing things in the music world.

Let me tell you, the accomplishments of my students and clients truly blow me away. They’ve been featured in Rolling Stone and have even performed on the renowned Metropolitan Opera stage (MONC semis). Many of them have gone on to attend top-notch music institutions like Yale School of Music, Mannes School of Music, Florida State University, Penn State University, Eastman School of Music, and Boston University. And guess what? I’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with some fantastic commercial artists as a coach, arranger, and vocal producer. Being recognized as a Professional Member of the Recording Academy is such an honor.

My own musical journey began at Florida State University and Western Carolina University, where I laid the foundation for my vocal expertise. In 2018, I proudly received my Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the prestigious Eastman School of Music. These days, I’m thrilled to serve as Assistant Professor of Music at Florida Atlantic University, where I continue to be inspired by the incredible talents of aspiring singers like you.

At MH Voice Studio®, I’ve created a space filled with resources to help you become the best singer you can be. On my YouTube channel, I share invaluable tips, techniques, and performance insights that will refine your vocal skills, help you interpret songs with depth, and master the art of captivating performances.

I invite you to be part of the MH Voice Studio® community today. Dive into my YouTube channel, where you’ll find a wealth of lessons, performance tips, and video clips that will inspire and transform your singing abilities. This is an opportunity to learn from someone who is genuinely passionate about vocal artistry and dedicated to helping you elevate your musical journey.

Your vocal potential is waiting to be unleashed, and together, we can create music that touches hearts and leaves a lasting impact. Join me on this exciting path of singing mastery right here at MH Voice Studio®. Let’s make some magic happen!

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