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So, You Want to Study at the Best Vocal Performance Music School in Florida?

Dr. Mitchell Hutchings (R) with student (L)
Voice Performance Student (L) with Dr. Mitchell Hutchings (R)

Suppose you are considering a journey into the world of vocal performance, and Florida is on your radar. In that case, An exceptional opportunity awaits within the voice studio of Dr. Mitchell Hutchings at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton. This article offers an insight into the nurturing environment of FAU Opera Theatre and the unique FAU Opera in Italy program, highlighting a path that combines dedicated training with a broad, worldly perspective.

Central to this educational experience is Dr. Hutchings, whose journey through performance and teaching reflects a deep commitment to the vocal arts. His career, marked with performances from across the globe, showcases a versatile and passionate artist. Despite notable recognitions like The American Prize in Vocal Performance and accolades such as three Global Music Awards, Dr. Hutchings’ primary focus remains on fostering the growth of his students.

As a mentor, Dr. Hutchings emphasizes the developmental journey of each student, sharing insights from his varied career. His studio at FAU has become a supportive environment for vocalists, guiding them toward achieving their own success on global stages and securing scholarships at prestigious institutions.

The Studio's Legacy

The impact of Dr. Hutchings’ mentorship is evident in the success of his students, who have performed worldwide, from the Metropolitan Opera to the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. His studio’s alums have secured scholarships at elite institutions, proving the efficacy of his teaching methods.

FAU Opera Workshop Fall 2023
FAU Opera Workshop Fall 2023

FAU Opera Theatre: Cultivating Future Performers

Since its inception in 1967, the FAU Opera Theatre has stood as a platform for aspiring vocalists to cultivate their talents and embark on a rewarding artistic journey. The program, renowned for its blend of scholarly study and dynamic performance opportunities, has become synonymous with fostering artistry and technique in equal measure. With a faculty experienced in opera, students at FAU are mentored to dive deeply into the nuances of opera literature, honing their craft through a blend of classroom study and real-world application.

Mozart and Salieri 2023
"Mozart and Salieri," 2023

FAU Opera in Italy: Beyond Borders

The FAU Opera in Italy study abroad program stands out as an enriching experience, offering students a canvas to explore their artistry against the picturesque Italian Riviera. Welcoming both voice majors and non-voice majors, this program expands perspectives, immersing participants in the depths of Italian song, operatic literature, and the rich cultural backdrop of Italy.

Conservatorio G. Puccini La Spezia
Giacomo Puccini Conservatory (Italy) is the host of FAU Opera in Italy

Performance Opportunities

The FAU Opera Theatre’s season is marked by diversity and ambition, with recent performances ranging from Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo to Dibdin’s The Brickdust Man. These performances in the University Theatre provide students with platforms to hone and demonstrate their talents.

Vocal Performance at Florida Atlantic University

Students Backstage at Florida Grand Opera's "I Pagliacci" with Kearstin Piper Brown (Nedda)
Students Backstage at Florida Grand Opera's "Pagliacci" with Dr. Hutchings and Kearstin Piper Brown (Nedda)

Choosing the right music school for vocal performance is a journey as personal and unique as the art itself. At Florida Atlantic University, students find a nurturing environment that stretches beyond vocal excellence to encompass broad artistic horizons through the FAU Opera Theatre and the enriching FAU Opera in Italy program. The true measure of what makes FAU the right choice cannot be found in rankings or accolades alone, but in how the program aligns with your personal aspirations and artistic goals. In your search, consider the community, educational philosophy, and the experiences that will shape your development as an artist. The best school for you is where you are most likely to thrive, finding challenge and inspiration to reach your full potential.


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